THE WEEK/WEEKEND: Dec 7th-11th.

phantomPhantom Orchard: Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori // Pet Bottle Ningen
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

Friends and colleagues since 1988, Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins are two of the strongest musical voices out of the downtown scene.  Lynchpins of bands as diverse as DNA, Skeleton Crew, Electric Masada, Hemophiliac and Björk, each have been leading figures of the downtown scene since the early 1980s, and their collaboration, Phantom Orchard is the perfect outlet for their unique and personal musical languages.  Tonight, Phantom Orchard presents duo arrangements of work from their most recent album,Trouble in Paradise (Tzadik), featuring Mori on live visuals and electronics and Parkins on harps, keyboard, and celesta.

Love Fail
Dec 6—Dec 8, 2012

The latest work from Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, love fail marries evocative new music with timeless storytelling to tell a tale of love both found and unfulfilled, performed by the ravishing voices of legendary early music group Anonymous 4.

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Interview with Fernando Herenu (Aka Pulpocorporate) by Max Evry.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1977, Fernando Hereñú has created work that straddles the line between fine-art and illustration, psychoanalytical and pure fun. Using monochromatic tints and inking techniques that evoke the “Zap Comics”-era underground cartoonists of the 70’s as well as the pop surrealists of today, Hereñú (aka Pulpo) uses hallucinatory imagery to create mysterious yet unified motifs and symbols that tap a direct line into his subconscious. Fernando’s show at Tache Gallery in New York City recently closed, and during his free time we took this opportunity to find out what makes the man tick.

Max Evry: How does your experience as a Latin American inform your art?

Fernando Herenu (Aka Pulpocorporate): Much of my experience has to do traveling around the different regions. At first I had the strong feeling that my work had nothing to do with Latin American style, but every day that passes I realize it would be impossible to believe that my drawings come from another region.  I feel I have a strong presence of Latin spirit in my stuff. I see this as the greatest pride for me. All the different publications and exhibitions gave me this conclusion and have led to me being able to exhibit in Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Porto Alegre and Taiwan and to be published in Communication Art, Juxtapoz, Zupi and Xfunz among others.