Brandon McLean (Peyote Poems Book)


Very excited to announce that Brandon McLean, the amazing author of the recent book “Peyote Poems” will be joining us for Volume 4 of The 22! We are thrilled to have him and will be announcing all the stunning contributors at the end of this month! In the meantime you can pick up the full spectrum of his series in his recent release of the same name. His wonderful collage ability is something to behold. I suggest you pick up a copy now before they sell out!


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by Michelle Matthees

You’re nothing like a metaphor.

I shall compare thee to nothing.

I had an explanation. Of it nothing came.

You came. Maybe mirrors will be found

after black cloths uncover them.

Nothing was revealed. Ears looked empty.

The conversations continued. The salt’s not

snow. The not snow is not snow. Warm water

hits the house, unstained. Alas, Hermann,

perhaps we knew

nothing. We drink vodka of potato, eat

a green cucumber.

Michelle Matthees works can be found at PANK, Prose Poem Project, Proof Magazine, Cerise Press and a lot of other places. She is currently a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellow, and lives in Duluth, MN. She is also currently looking for a publisher for her full-length manuscript “Noctambule.”

The back door.

By Erica Manolith.

I don’t understand,

your life.

The sick look by the back door,

porch screen, flapping in the wind.

You don’t seem to notice the human,

of the humans around you.

Perhaps this makes you vomit?

Where are your skills?

Where is your voice?

It’s a vapor,

it’s a screen in the wind,

it fades,

it aches,

it has nothing to say,

and from nothing,

there is born,



Erica Manolith is a writer living in Northwestern Pennsylvania. She is currently finishing her degree in France, and is home for the summer writing poetry for sport.