Please Stand By, Readymade777 and Stacia Yeapanis@Baang & Burne.

This past Tuesday, I met an artist. At an undisclosed location. Without knowing the artist’s name, what they looked like, or even what gender this artist was.

This was readymade777,

….I think.

Known as readymade, readymade777, readymade7777 or sometimes “Dani” (more about that later), readymade remains an anonymous artist in a sea of viral videos. YouTube is littered with these stars. Singers, dancers, exhibitionists and…otherwise…in the hopes of obtaining some amount of internet fame or “fandom”.

And it isn’t to say that readymade is all that different, but we should consider form before function, method before mode.

Readymade has channels everywhere, but you’ll never know it. Utilizing a system that thrives on mass interaction, the tactics readymade insists are the motive behind the work are a collective recognition and a pushing of the boundaries in acceptable “social media,” followed by a lobbing of content out into the world-sometimes just to see how far it will go. Readymade is a convert for Mcluhan’s “cool” media techniques and be it through nostalgia, psychological reaction, consumer recognition, or just pure pleasure, it makes perfect sense that readymade quickly found themselves unwilling to deal with the mainstream slog (via film school) and turned to manipulation and unrestricted input.

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