An Interview with Corey Dunlap.

Corey Dunlap is currently a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. You can view his work here.

The 22 Magazine : Your “Mirage” project is inspired by the “mythology” of the suicide of Mike Kelly. Tell me what influence Kelly’s work has on yours?

Corey Dunlap: I have always been drawn to Kelley’s use of visual language. His unapologetic and irreverent method has been able to penetrate the art world with insight to both uneducated and sophisticated audiences. In addition, I share Kelley’s interest in contemporary manifestations of ritual and the ability for art to exist as a type of “materialist ritual.” I wanted to create a work based on the mythologized events of a factual happening, similar to the way in which Truman Capote composed In Cold Blood. Having read reports stating that Kelley was found dead in his bathtub with “propane tanks and pharmaceuticals nearby,” I sought to immortalize this imagined event. In addition, I used the bathtub form as a baptismal reference, which typically promotes rebirth within the Catholic Church.

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