That’s Beautiful Frank!

Contributor and cohort Jeff Burns first film, That’s Beautiful Frank, is about to get it’s sea legs! Starring Edgar Oliver (also one of this issue’s 22) in the lead role (Francis Eugene Carroll), TBF is a futurist thriller full of intrigue, romance, and barking girls.

Check out the Trailer!

From the director~

We are really happy to kick off this site and share with you some fun glimpses of our new Futurist-comedy-thriller ‘That’s Beautiful Frank.’ You can find a description of the film here and for the shorter explanation take a look at our teaser trailer.

Pretty soon we will have more video clips  for you to sink your fanged eyes into, so please keep checking back for more.

On this blog we will keep you up to date on screenings, events, and festivals along with breaking news from our cast and the Futurist art scene.  If anything pops in your head feel free to give us a shout, and with your permission we would love to add you to our mailing list of upcoming events. Make sure to look for us on facebook, and if you happen to be a user of YouTube or Vimeo we’d love to meet and greet you there as well.

I will leave you with the disclaimer written by the editors of the French paper Le Figaro that prefaced the  publication of Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto in 1909:

“Mr Marinetti, the young Italian and French poet, a remarkable, hot-blooded talent known throughout the Latin countries by virtue of his resounding public appearances . . . is solely responsible for the ideas [expressed in the manifesto], which are singularly audacious and exaggerated to the point of being unjust to certain eminently respectable and – fortunately – generally respected matters. However, we thought it interesting to offer our readers the first edition of this publication, whatever opinion they may form of it.”

AND now…..the barking girls…

“Pilgramsferd til Nidaros” @ LIVE WITH ANIMALS.

Live with Animals is proud to present “Pilgramsferd til Nidaros”, an exhibition by Eric Leiser.

Opening Reception April 8, 2011 7pm-11pm
Puppet Performance April 8, 9, 10 at 9pm

“Pilgramsferd til Nidaros” is an exhibition of several parts one being paintings celebrating the arrival of spring loosely based upon the study of 19th century Norwegian Folk Art, specifically focusing on the art form of Rosemaling (Norwegian for rose painting) a form of decorative folk art that originated in the rural valleys of Norway. The second part will be a Norwegian Stabbur house focusing on Nidaros which was Northern Europe’s most important Christian pilgrimage site during the Middle Ages, the goal of pilgrims being the Nidaros Cathedral. The third part will cover Viking Art pre and post Christianity in paintings and animation. Finally a puppet play based on a 18th century Norwegian Fairytale “The Boy who went after the North Wind” will be
performed each night with life size puppets in Bunraku style with accompanying animation and live score by Jeffrey Leiser.

Eric Leiser is an artist, animator, director, puppeteer, holographer and curator who currently lives and works in New York City. He creates animated feature film and shorts as well as works that integrate animation, puppetry, holography, sound and live performance/installation. Leiser is interested in spiritual surrealism and how animation transforms perception when it is combined with live action space creating a fantastical/spiritually surrealistic quality.

His works have been shown at MASS MoCA, ISTANBUL MODERN, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Ruben H. Fleet Space Museum, British Film Institute and Anthology Film Archives.

DALIKRAB DAY 2011 is here.

What Is Dalikrab Day ?

Dalikrab Day is rather unique in that it’s a floating holiday without limitations. It has no rules, no traditions, and no rituals. There are no goals, and there is no point or reasoning behind Dalikrab day. It is an idea. This idea is insanity. What impulses drive the dadaist and fringe artist. It’s about immersing yourself in yourself. Dalikrab Day is about that spark within us that explodes out through our art. It’s not about pride or ego its about Lego’s dipped in chocolate. It’s about standing on top of an open umbrella in a downpour.

Dalikrab Day is a celebration of insanity.


The essence of Dalikrab Day is very simple. Create. Manipulate. Repeat.

[ CREATE ] a piece(s) of art, text, music, video and email or blog it or both to the group or the blog. Everyone else should be doing this. [ MANIPULATE ] another’s art, as inspired demands into something different. Then send back around and then [REPEAT]. How many times you do this cycle is entirely up to you. Do it once, do it every time, or just create or just watch. This will go on until there are consecutives days of no activity. So don’t delay there may not be time later. Who knows what will happen.

The Inner Circle: The Inner circle are who were last years participants and those who signed up to participate before March 31st. This group is the core who are directly send each other their creations and their manipulations of the art, text, music and video traveling back and forth.

The Outter Circle: For those who did not make it into the inner circle before the beginning of Dalikrab Day. Not to worry you can post directly to the blog as well as work with all materials generated from the inner circle. I will, personally try to watch for these an send them through the inner circle.

Also Dalikrab Day can be celebrated on or off the internet; alone or with a group. How ever you want to celebrate it is entirely up to you. If you do have a party or a performance or whatever; if you can capture it in any form of media; send it to the blog to let us know what you did or are doing.

More Information and the collections of prior Dalikrab Days can be explored on:

Dalikrab Day Information and Galleries