Flowers for Gretchen

Legend Tripping at Masters & Pelavin
Reception April 18, 2013; 6-9PM
Masters & Pelavin invites you to join us for a group exhibition with works by Karl Klingbiel, Timothy Paul Myers, Cecilia Vissers, Peter Buechler, Steven Katzman, Norman Mooney, Vincent Valdez, Jeremy Harris, Tara Fracalossi, Jon Rappleye, Julia Randall, Ruth Hardinger, RAE, Cooper Holoweski and Charles Wilkin.

Smashed at Here (Arts Center): Apr 4-6 @ 7pm
Opera on Tap premieres SMASHED: The Carrie Nation Story, an absurd opera about drinking booze (and the people who don’t drink booze).

April 26th
“Disturbed Songs for Disturbed Times” Villa Delirium combines eerie traditional folk songs of Germany, Ireland and the Balkans with murder ballads of the American South and heir own startling compositions. With Tine Kindermann – Voice, saw and violin; John Kruth – Voice, guitar, mandolin, banjo and flutes; Kenny Margolis – Accordion and keyboards; Steve Bear – Pots, pans and boxes and Doug Wieselman – clarinets and bass harmonica.

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A Note about our Weekend Listings

PortraitAs you may have noticed, we’ve been a little absent during your recent Weeks and Weekends. For a variety of very succulent reason we have decided to start condensing listings into a monthly version. Why you may ask? Aside from the volunteer nature of the magazine and the busy nature of our volunteers, we feel less is more and also want to give eventers the opportunity to get longer term exposure on the blog. Likewise, we’re looking forward to covering more events throughout the month. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy! Below are some FAQ’s. Anything you don’t see here that you have questions about please don’t hesitate to to contact us at the22magazine (at) gmail (dot) com

1) So now that you are switching to monthly, when do I have to submit by?

The last day of the previous month. Through Feb, as we transition, we will give some leniency to submissions deadlines.

2) How do I submit?

Same old way. Send us an email at the22magazine (at) gmail with the subject line “Submission, Event”

3) Does it cost anything?


4) I don’t see my event listed after I submitted it?

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